Welcome to life growing up as a Canadian Born Chinese, struggles I’ve had growing up and eventually to embracing my identity. From Asian Parent Traits to food, I’ll cover it all. If you’re a CBC or ABC, click in and rediscover your childhood!

If you’re an American Born Chinese or Canadian Born Chinese, then you’re at the right page. I would like to use this opportunity to help my brothers and sisters of Asian Descent and grew up in a Western country to realize that we don’t have to fit in to either group, but to recognize the beauty in the own culture we’ve created as we grew up in this merged environment. The beauty of embracing our ethnic background and valuing what we learned from where we were born, let’s take a walk down memory lane to dig up some exotic memories in our Asian households!

DISCLAIMER though.. many of my blogs are based off of my own experiences growing up in Canada, and experiences my peers have shared with me growing up overseas. Please be mindful that we are all open to new ideas and it’s a unique cultural experience that we are revisiting; feel free to share with me any thoughts or feelings about my posts! I’ll be glad to chat up 🙂