Becoming the Smartest kid on the Block

Growing up, there was an ingredient that was in almost every household dish for dinner. They’re green..and not very tasteful, just GROSS! Have you guessed it yet? That’s right, SCALLIONS. I absolutely detested them growing up, and putting them in every single dish did not help. Every Asian kid I knew growing up had the same problem in their house. Now, you might be thinking what eating scallions have to do with being the smartest kid on the block. Trust me, it’s not click bait.

Let me introduce you to a Chinese belief: Scallion in Chinese is 葱 (Ch-ong). It shares the same sound a 聪, which means “smart” or “intelligence”. So growing up, we would be force fed tons and tons of scallions so that we can be “smart” and “make it into a University” when we get older. Hence, that’s how you become the smartest kid on the block- definitely not clickbait!!

But beliefs will always just be beliefs; I’ve been eating them for 20 years and I’m still not the brightest person out there. Here are some Chinese dishes with GROSS scallions in them!!

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