Process Post # 10

Second week in and I’m finally getting used to settling down- spending most of my time at home. For someone who’s in school full time while juggling two jobs, this is a lot of excess that I’m not very used to. I tell myself that I’m lucky to be able to stay safe in the comfort of my own home. Days are becoming longer and slowly starting to blend, but work and school work still needs to be done, so it takes up a good chunk of my time. In the first week of staying home, I found my mood to fluctuate from good to bad just constantly, as if I didn’t even know who I was. My level of energy was circulating from “I’m mad” to “we’ll get through this together”.

Despite this being quite the roller coaster ride and having many feelings of fear for the unknown, everyone is going through the same thing, and the beauty of it is being able to reconnect with old friends and just checking up on each other. It’s so important to remember to use this time and check up on some of your friends-even the ones who are constantly smiling, because we all need a little care and love in our lives.

In relations to our class content, how is this pandemic effecting companies and how are these brands responding? Many smaller businesses are forced to close down and aren’t financially stable. There’s only so much they can do. However, there are bigger companies that are donating money to help make masks for front line workers, or even celebrities helping pay laid off staff members for a period of time. My cousin for example, has a restaurant in Seattle and they’re making different dishes for different hospitals everyday. I’m positive all of them come from the kindness of their own heart, but it definitely helps building a brand name and putting their company names out there.

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