Peer Review #1

Peer Reviewing: Carol Lam

Reviewed by: Crystal Zhang

Website URL: http://nihon-shoku.comr /

Carol’s website is of her Japanese foodie adventures.

The layout is simple. There are pictures of food she wants to talk about and had a little description box. If it entices you, you can click continue reading and it’ll take you in to a page that further introduces the item. I really liker her home page layout as it gives a simple and clean feeling. Her pictures are also really appealing to the eye and captures attention for sure. The little descriptions she has gives little snippets to readers and hence, they can make the decision of weather to move on or not.

She also had sub categories on her page, respectively, “eat with me”, “travel with me”, and “learn with me”. I think it’s amazing to have sub categories as it’s more organized. However, I feel as if her “eat with me” and “learn with me” categories sort of overlap each other. As a reader, I get confused because so far, it seems as though her “learn with me” items are more so researches she’s done rather than her own experience. That is why I genuinely enjoy her “eat with me” category section as I’m reading more about her experiences, which is what her blog seems to be catering towards.

Her professional self shows her love for food and is clearly passionate about sharing with her audiences.  I personally see it as free advertisement for the food places she’s visited. One thing I’d like to point out is, not only does she describe the food she ate, but as you click into the “continue” reading section, she describes the entire atmosphere of the restaurant and gives a little background of the restaurant as well. This gives her readers a more well-rounded experience and feels as if they can rely on it as a source of trustworthiness.

In Carol’s “learn with me” category, although I’ve had mixed feelings with it because it doesn’t seem to align with her description of her blog, but I appreciate that she had different sub headings on each page. The subheadings are interesting and a great way to capture the attention of readers.

Maybe she can state clearly what the blog is about. She mentions in her heading that it’s to welcome others to her Japanese food adventures, so that’s what I expected. Maybe it’s just an interpretation on myself, as the reader’s end, but because her heading is short right now, I don’t think it hurts to add on a few more words, to explain how she also discovers new food related to the Japanese culture and digs deeper into that aspect of it.

Overall, great vibe and loving the website!

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