Peer Review #2

Peer Reviewing: Celine Kurniawan

Reviewed by: Crystal Zhang

Website URL

Celine’s website is called Hygge Hub- An Indonesian Food Catering Service.

I am genuinely amazed by Celine’s web design. Right as you enter, you’re welcomed with a mouth-watering picture of Indonesian food. It helps capture the reader’s attention and makes you want to continue reading and discovering what more there could be.

In her menu, she attached a site trailer, in which I thought I was extremely cool. It was a video she filmed expressing some highlights of her website. It was short and simple, but with adequate information that would make audiences want to go check out what she was talking about. However, I thought that maybe the video could have been part of the “HOME” page instead of its own page. It’s like an introduction to her page, which would’ve been fair to put on the home page. On her home page, she has a beautiful layout that shows a wide range of blogs, but there’s also no description of her site. As a reader who new to her page, I would like to know what the site is about instead of having to dig around myself and assume based on the titles of her blogs that are listed on the very first page. But overall, I love the aestic of the first page, and how she layered her blog posts.

However, I must also stress the name of the blog. When I first read “An Indonesian Food Catering Service”, I was sort of confused on what the site is specifically about. Do I just order from here? However, it’s when I read on that I understood there’s more than just that; there are actual posts about different people/food she recommends.

Since peer review 1, I think Celine was able to take the critique and improve on her site’s overall consistency- because as I mentioned, the food images really did capture my attention. She definitely also improved

Overall, I really enjoy the whole vibe of the website!

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