Peer Review #3

Peer Reviewing: Tiffany Wong

Reviewed by: Crystal Zhang

Website URL:

Tiffany’s website is called Balanced Badass. Just from the title, I can’t exactly tell what her blog is about, but the images and the way she presented her home page is enough for me to want to read on and discover more.

The first thing I did was to try and dig more about the website itself and what it’s about. So I went to her Menu and clicked on “about me”. However, I got the message “Non-existent changeset UUID.” several times, so I’m not really sure whether it’s something on my end or whether she didn’t update it that part of her blog.

There are two main aspects in her blog: her journey to recovering and sharing her lifestyle with her audiences in a blog style after her recovery. However, as we continue discovering some of her articles, we realize that it’s about body image and her experiences of it, as well as routines she may follow to have to keep up somehow. I was genuinely interested in her blog because it’s also something I’ve struggled with, so just that, already intrigued me to continue reading. Through this, I believe her blog can attract INTENDED AUDIENCE who may struggle with the same issues and would love some help by learning about her experiences. I believe that this site may be more popular with female audiences, and with the layout being more feminine, that females are indeed the target market.

From the previous peer preview, it’s been mentioned that maybe she can have an intro page that explains what the blog might be about. But as mentioned above, that page didn’t pop up for me. It was also suggested that she could include a “contact” me section so that her audience can feel more connected to her. However, I do not see that. But, she’s pinned her personal Instagram, Pinterest and Spotify on the top left corner, which can also serve as a way for her audience to reach her if needed.

I think she did an outstanding job at picking the right images to capture audience attention- an image goes with every blog and some are aesthetically pleasing, while others may be more risqué. But those are all to capture the eyes. I also enjoy the way she writes and layouts her posts; caption and some information underneath. However, I think some posts can be longer.

The website as a whole is worthwhile to read and discover more; awesome job!

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