About Me

Hi, I’m Crystal, a 20 year old aspiring teacher! I’m currently in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. I’ve always been a person who thinks with my emotion rather than the practicality of things; I put complete trust in the process and excitedly await my final destination. Which is why I’m actually writing my introduction as one of the final steps to completing my website- isn’t it weird that I’m reversing the process? However, to me, I’ve learned a lot on the way of producing this website, and the fact that I did some “techy” related things that I never thought I’d be able to do- MIND BLOWN. I didn’t know what I was doing when I first joined this class because I’ve never been good with anything that had to do with my computer- how ironic considering that I’m a zoomer. And it was definitely tough process. I overthink a lot and in the process of planning, lost motivation because I didn’t think what I’m about to produce is any good. This class would constantly be on my mind and I would think of new content, but I just couldn’t get pass the step of uploading my work because I would avoid the “tech” aspect of it. Any hows, here I am, almost done!

Born and raised in Vancouver, I was fortunate enough to grow up in a community where majority shared a common background. However, I still struggled to find a sense of belonging. Hence, I grew up shy and kept to myself, but I suddenly found a door that lead me to do something I am super passionate in. That lead me to working with children and now working my way to becoming an elementary school teacher. This lead me to schooling full time and two part times jobs that allows me to work with children- I’ve been doing so since I was 14.

If I had one “unrealistic” dream, it’s to work in the creative industry- I have a huge interest in it, just never any talent. Singing, acting, dancing, and speaking out all my emotions, you name it all! I’m currently in a stable progress of attaining a safe future with my jobs and using my free time to get back to what my interests are. I 100% no doubt love what I am currently achieving, but I think it’s time to push myself a little harder and revisit my old hobbies. We’ll see where this journey takes me, and hopefully I can come back to this site one day and make a progress update!